The best teachers
are made, not born

Adaptive Learning

Thanks to the competency analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, the training course adapts to each teacher

Cooperative Learning

Review of evidence, inter-stage and peer-to-peer tutoring, reflection on case studies, access to an international community of teachers

Gamified Learning

Reputation in the community, badge system to show achievements, recognition and international certification (Finland University).

The best Professionalization Virtual Environment (PVE)  based on the latest scientific discoveries on the transfer of theory to professional practice.


School, college, institution, university, training centre, etc.

You can monitor the teacher training plan and measure the effectiveness of its transfer into practice.

Do you want to go from 10-15% to 80-90% effectiveness in the in-person and on-line training you offer your teachers?

Use the strength of the group to improve teacher training and perform suitable monitoring to guarantee the shared transfer into practice.

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If you are a Professional Teacher

Teacher, professor, trainer, instructor, etc.

Develop your teaching skills and help your students learn more and better

Do you want to have a permanent training platform that accompanies you throughout your career?

As and when you need it, analyse your teaching knowledge, develop your teaching skills, share your practice with other colleagues to learn together and certify your professional competencies.

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Learning challenges

The best way to implement the practice is through Learning Challenges that activate each of the 16 critical competencies for teaching and their respective skills.

Based on scientific foundations, with the Instituto Escalae and Finland University guarantee.

The Escalae Institute is a private institution committed to research, development and innovation of solutions to guarantee continuous improvement of teaching and learning processes in the education and training sector. The TeachersPro platform has been developed after 10 years of research with over 22,000 teachers in 12 countries

Finland University, in charge of certifying competencies on the Platform, is a brand of the University of Turku, one of the most important public universities in Finland and which is in the top 2% of the world university ranking.

Institutions that already trust TeachersPro

+ than 11,000 teachers

230 institutions

+ 50 countries

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