If you are a teacher

TeachersPro is the professionalization virtual environment you need to develop your competencies, share evidence in a professional learning community and improve your performance in the classroom… for your students’ benefit!

4 Benefits of TeachersPro for your teaching training

Master the skills and techniques of the most innovative teaching methodologies.

Develop a professional portfolio cataloguing your progress, innovations and improvements in teaching.

3  Learn with other colleagues in an international community sharing your practice, assessing that of others and having educational conversations about common interests.

Show your professional development achieving different badges for each skill, points for activity and reputation, as well as certification of your teaching competencies.

"I consider that subjects and challenges raised are very pertinent for teaching practice, especially for classroom teachers. I find the real practice activities very valuable, since the application of what has been learned is encouraged, which I think is a plus of this proposal."

Romina PeschieraProfessional Development Specialist. Teachers College, Columbia University.

How does TeachersPro work to improve teaching?

Analysis of your teaching profile and recommendation of specific courses for progress

Through the Analysis Centre you can analyse your performance in 16 critical teaching competencies and then know the progress you are making in each training course. Let the Platform design the best course for you for your professional development.

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Development of teaching skills through Learning Challenges

Develop your teaching skills through interesting challenges on the most innovative methodologies, applying the acquired knowledge to your own professional context.

Learn more about the Challenges

When you share, you learn twice.

Enrich your knowledge sharing interesting teacher learning experiences in the classroom with colleagues all over the world. Find other teachers that share your interests who can accompany you on your path to improvement. TeachersPro uses the evidence generated in the community to constantly improve and examine the learning experience in depth.

Make your professional teaching development visible

Show your development through an exclusive badge system and obtain academic accreditation. If you wish, certify your knowledge through a Finnish institution of recognised international prestige.

“I found the platform very successful, very good content, a very very good design work (and I know what I'm talking about). Congratulations on it! "

Luis TorresSenior Professor of Music, CEFIRE - Faculty of Education University of Valencia

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TeachersPro Challenge

Do a Learning Challenge depending on your interests.


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TeachersPro Mentoring

Do a Challenge and receive constructive feedback from our team of mentors on each skill developed.


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Do a challenge and receive feedback with a personalised audit on each skill developed, as well as the certification of the relevant competence.


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You can always sign up for certification at a later date through the Platform for €190.

TeachersPro has a price plan for education institutions that is tailored to your needs.










Registration and customisation of the Platform

Access the Competency Analysis Centre

Access to the international TeachersPro teachers community

Portfolio of personal and permanent evidence of your progress

Access the content and additional resources for your Challenge (three skills and 45 hours of training with academic recognition)

View/mark evidence of good practice from other users of your Challenge

Have conversations on learning with other users

Possibility of obtaining badges and points for activity/reputation

Mentoring by a TeachersPro accredited mentor through constructive feedback on your evidence for each skill.

Audit of each skill in the challenge for Finland University to certify the completed teaching competency.

If you have any doubts, need more information or wish to meet us… contact us!

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