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The definitive tool for reinforcing the transfer to practice and assessing the effectiveness of teacher training.

4 Verified benefits* of Teachers Pro for educational entity in the professional development of teachers and the creation of professional learning communities

Promote the most innovative training skills in teachers

2  Generate proof through transfer to the classroom

3  Promote collaborative work and reflection among teachers

Demonstrate the professional development and advances attained

It has taken us 10 years of research and development with the participation of more than 20,000 teachers and more than 1,000 educational institutions from various countries, to design a virtual environment that would be capable of guaranteeing the transfer to professional practice of 16 critical teaching competencies, in addition to serve as a professional learning community for educators around the world "

Federico Malpica BasurtoPhD in Education and leader of TeachersPro development team

What can Teacherspro do for your educational entity?

Training and advice on teacher development, performance assessment, and professional learning communities

  • Use of the platform tailored to each educational project.
  • Training and awareness on use of the platform, for the management team as well as the teaching staff.
  • Analysis of teaching competencies, support of the development of teacher training plans, learning structure and performance assessment system and professional incentives.
  • Training and accreditation of internal staff as TeachersPro Mentors.

Use of learning challenges

  • Each of these training plans allows work to be done on 3 skills (modules) from the same competency.
  • At the end, academic recognition of 45 hours of training (15 hours per ability) is obtained
  • The transfer guarantee is achieved through monitoring on the platform by the TeachersPro team and centre managers.
Know the challenges of Learning

Personalised Mentoring and Advanced Workshops

  • Personalised Tutoring: A team of TeachersPro experts can provide constructive feedback to each teacher on their practice.
  • Advanced Workshops: These are offered as a complementary tool to study in detail, in person and based on experience, the challenges and skills that are worked on through the on-line Platform.

Certification of professional teaching competencies

  • Using TeachersPro enables the teaching community to certify the 16 practical teaching competencies that are included on the Platform.
  • Each audit includes exhaustive assessment of three skills belonging to one of these competencies. The issued certificates acknowledge the following levels of achievement within a competency: specialist (three skills), advanced (six skills) or expert (nine skills).
  • This audit is done by a team of people designated by Finland University (the most important consortium of public universities in Finland) and assessment experts.
Know the Learning Competencies

Successful case studies

Below we present cases studies on educational institutions that currently use the Teachers Pro Platform as the solution for teacher training and the development of professional learning communities.

"The fact of introducing yourself to a practical and real situation makes the attention focus on what it is most relevant and closest to your personal teaching experience”

Mercè MirallesHeadmaster of Pau Claris Institute, Barcelona.

TeachersPro plans

TeachersPro has a price plan tailored to your institution

We will provide a no-obligation tailor-made proposal, taking into account the number of teachers and the type of service (platform, mentoring, workshops, certification, advice and training). The best solution of teacher training at prices that make it possible!


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