Characteristics of the Professionalization Virtual Environment

Designed to develop teaching competencies through features that reinforce professional learning, such as reflecting on practice, cooperative learning and metacognition, through achievements.

TeachersPro guarantees the transfer between theory and professional practice.

Due to its nature, traditional teacher training alone cannot guarantee the collective transfer to educational practice.

This is achieved through learning experiences among peers, based on reflective and cooperative practices that reinforce the development of collective teaching habits.

TeachersPro is designed as an on-line professional learning community to provide this situated professional learning.

“The training received at TeachersPro has opened new perspectives for improvement in 84% of teachers. Characteristics of the platform such as the mutual support system among teachers are a strong point of the training, since they allow to solve the obstacles or problems that can arise in an e-learning situation ”.

Navareño, P. and Rincón, J. (2017).Contributions of the TeachersPro Online Platform to the professional development of the Personal Learning Environment. In Ruiz-Palmero, J., Sánchez-Rodríguez, J. and Sánchez-Rivas, E. (Edit.). Teaching innovation and use of ICT in education. Universidad de Málaga Publishing house.

Designed to guarantee the development of teaching competencies and their transfer to the classroom.

  • This platform enables centres and teachers to do Teacher Learning Challenges based on their interests.
  • Access an extensive resource bank and hundreds of authentic good practices from other teachers in the TeachersPro international community.
  • The content is provided permanently and will always be available to all users in their own teaching portfolio, where their past activity and professional development is also recorded.
  • It includes a peer review system (among all the members of the TeachersPro international community) based on the rigorous evidence of their good practice in the active Learning Challenge.
  • This platform also has the option of peer support, generating contact networks for conversations on learning and to give and receive support.
  • It also includes access to an advanced system of recognition of all past achievement, through badges and metrics on your personal panel.
  • The education centre has access to an Institutional Panel where it can monitor each teacher’s transfer to the classroom, qualitatively through evidence of each one’s practice, and quantitatively through real-time data on the activity and the development of skills and competencies, to teacher achievement and the impact on students, of each teacher as well as the teaching staff as a whole.

How are the competencies implemented through the work on each teaching skill?

  • Analysis of competencies: At the beginning of each Challenge, a self-analysis is carried out to measure current competencies and outline a personalised learning plan. At the end a comparative assessment is done so each teacher can measure their evolution.
  • Development of knowledge: Inductively through practical case studies with different scenarios, basic theoretical frameworks that can be expanded through additional resources (videos, articles, manuals, books), personal reflection activities, and practice using a simulator and self-assessment exercises.
  • Transfer to practice: Each user is asked to publish at least one form of evidence of their practice based on indicators of what comprises good practice in this skill. Examples, criteria and specific recommendations are offered so they can be put into action.
  • Peer learning: Each user can review hundreds of pieces of evidence from other teachers regarding the same skill, but they can also directly contact colleagues with common interests and have conversations on specific learning issues.

Reinforcements to guarantee the collective transfer to practice

  • Personalised Tutoring: A team of TeachersPro experts can provide constructive feedback to each teacher on their practice.
  • Advanced Workshops: Possibility of in-person, experience-based sessions to work on the challenges and skills in depth.
  • Advice on the development of professional learning communities: Institutional support process for the development of collective and independent working structures between teachers that promote reflection on the practice, cooperative learning and training assessment among peers.
  • Certification of teaching competencies: TeachersPro enables the teaching community to certify the 16 teaching practice competencies that form part of the Platform through an individual audit carried out by an expert accredited by Finland University (University of Turku, one of the most important public universities in Finland).
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"The study of real cases is interesting because it allows contextualizing the ability, in real education situations"

Sara Elvira GalbánHead of the Doctorate in pedagogy, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City campus

We want to welcome you as a member of this Professional Learning Community so you can discover how we can contribute to the development of your Teaching Competencies.


TeachersPro has a price plan tailored to your institution, taking into account the number of teachers and the type of service (platform, tutoring, workshops, certification, advice and training). The best solution for teacher training at prices that make it possible!



"Only by completing all the TeachersPro sessions I have managed to learn new things and reinvent my way of teaching in favor of my students. In addition to applying what I learned properly, I have managed to overcome my fear of trying new things. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. "

Andrea Fonseca LeónMethodist College, Costa Rica

"In TeachersPro there is no deadline to meet my challenges, I can upload various pieces of evidence of what I am doing. TeachersPro is a teacher's companion."


"I like the Platform, I find it interesting and very attractive since I learn a lot, especially because it makes me pause in my teaching practice, reflect and transform some specific aspects."